Thursday, April 20, 2006

The American Policy towards Islamic World Should be Changed

The American Policy towards Islamic World Should be Changed
by Ubedilah Badrun

Islamic society has already reached 1.5 billion people in this world. That is 1/4 of the world population itself. While total of Moslem countries all over the world are 57 countries which means it is 1/3 of the total of the world countries. Thus, it is clear that the role of Islam in creating the world peace is quite important. Understanding between West countries and Islam countries, vice versa, is an absolute answer.

West countries, lead by America, recently appeared to be careless in making judgment and carrying out their policies towards Islam world. This is the reason why there are so many anti American groups spread out all over the world. The mistake I talk about is the U.S policies that based on suspicion and negative perception towards Islam before they release it. We can see it in the American invasion to Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, the American policy in defending Israel, and the extreme American suspicion towards HAMMAS won in Palestine as well. This policy should be changed by eradicating their negative perception and start to make dialogue with Islamic countries. The dialogue itself is the only way to understand the way of thinking of both West countries and Islamic countries and it is a very crucial thing in creating the world peace.

Indonesia as the biggest Moslem population in the world is able to act as an important mediator in solving problems appeared from the misunderstanding between West countries and Islamic countries. This role can be carry out by Indonesia, as the Moslem people in Indonesia are considered not educated in an extreme but Islam moderate.

Other possibility way to solve the problem is if America able to make the intellectual American Moslem figure that really has knowledge in Islam and Science to act as the America front mediator in cooling down the heating up politic relationship between the U.S and Islamic countries since the arising of terrorist phenomenon.


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